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/blog/Chapter 1: Origin story

Chapter 1: Origin story

Embark on a journey with Lee and Oron as they unravel the captivating origins of PageKid. From a virtual coffee chat to a revolutionary concept, discover the story behind the project that's set to redefine web page creation. Stay tuned for insights into their dynamic duo and the birth of their brainchild.

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/blog/Chapter 2: Our MVP/KPI Duo

Chapter 2: Our MVP/KPI Duo

In this riveting instalment of our journey, we're delving into the fascinating realm of MVPs and KPIs. Discover the essence of an MVP, the backbone of innovation, and how we navigated through the process to define our key performance indicator. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind creating a seamless user experience. 

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/blog/Chapter 3: Friction

Chapter 3: Friction

In the third instalment of our blog series, we delve into the concept of user-platform friction and its profound impact on the design of PageKid. From simplifying navigation to optimising load times and streamlining forms, we share our strategies for reducing friction and enhancing the user experience.


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