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Yup. PageKid is the fastest way to get a simple web page published.
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In fact, the very webpage you are looking at was created using Pagekid. 
You can create a webpage in minutes with no coding needed and no hassles.

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What’s in it for you?

Well, you get free blank pages ready to be filled with texts and images and published in just a few minutes. It’s for anybody! Need ideas?

  • Post your online resume
  • Share a delicious recipe
  • Create a page for each of you product manuals
  • Showcase a real-estate listing
  • Present your business
  • Create an event invitation
  • Share gaming tips 

Use PageKid for ANYTHING you want. We are curious what you’re going to use it for.

Here's an Example of a product page on PageKid:

Prodcut Example Page Kid

How to edit your page

It’s really easy. Just start typing in place.

Typing the “/” (slash) character will open up a contextual menu with lots of options for you to choose from. Examples:

  • Insert an image
  • Rich text format settings
  • Inserting Headings
  • Adding a divider
  • Creating a bulleted or numbered list (just like this one)

Additional features are being developed, but we'd love to hear from you what you have in mind. Email us at hello@pagekid.com.

Page Kid Text Editor

Changing Site Structure and Elements

PageKid takes an approach based on simplicity.

Unlike other online page builders, our aim is for your webpage to be up and running in the shortest and easiest way possible, which is why you can’t move elements around freely. 

Using a special “settings” menu you can customise elements such as the default image, add a logo, and more.

Here's another example of a PageKid. This time it's a Resume.

Resume Example Page Kid

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