Chapter 1: Origin story

Hello there, Greetings, fellow digital explorers!

My name is Lee, and I’m roughly one half of the duo behind our page-building project called PageKid. If you’re reading this you probably want to know what’s the story behind our project, which is one of this blog’s main purposes. 
I will take you through our story as it unveils. In real time.

PageKid began with a simple conversation between Oron and myself over a virtual cup of coffee (since we actually live in different cities and did most of our work via Zoom). Although we come from different industries, we share similar SaaS aspirations. And then, one day we realised we both needed to create websites. After doing some research we came up with a list of the “top website building sites”,and realised they were all fairly expensive,  feature packed and not that easy to use, especially if all you wanted is a one pager. So we came up with a goal: come up with a way to create a web page in less than one minute that requires absolutely no coding, no design, and no tech prowess. Just the ability to type in your content.

A couple of late-night brainstorming sessions later, we had a “voila” moment when we came up with a simple concept: a website that one can edit on the spot and easily and immediately publish as a separate webpage.

And thus PageKid was born.

A little about us. We’re two good friends going back many years. While we run the project (tasks, UX, Brand) together (we don't have a CEO or CO-CEO roles, no need) each of us has a different part to lead - Oron is in charge of programming and everything technical (mini CTO) and I do Marketing and UI (micro CMO). 

Read this blog if you want to take a peek inside the inner workings of starting a project from zero and learn how we tackle our tiny startup hurdles through our own trial and error process. But also, we decided that this blog will serve as a feedback channel to make sure we grow in the right direction, so feel free to ask anything or share your thoughts at

Next post: “Our MVP/KPI Duo”.

To be continued...